Working Hard Quotes

Once we decided to be in this industry, we have to be ready for everything. You have to be strong but hard working. No pain, no gain.

5-hour Energy has always been about helping hard working people, and the Amazing People program takes this further by making a significant difference in the lives of those who are working through difficult circumstances.

Americans are hard working,

Americans are hard working, innovative, proud people who want bad government policies and high taxes to get out of the way so they can take care of their families and pursue their dreams.

Too many of my constituents, like many other hard working Americans across the country, are suffering unnecessarily due to our flawed health care system.

My parents were just as smart as I am, just as hard working if not harder; I think my father and grandfather were probably better men, yet I’ve been able to accomplish things professionally that they were not able to.

The most powerful nation on earth should be able to pass a fair, effective immigration law that combines compassion with responsibility and does not injure hard working Americans who are taxed up to here.

My parents are very hard working people who did everything they could for their children. I have two brothers and they worked dog hard to give us an education and provide us with the most comfortable life possible. My dad provided for his family daily. So, yes, that is definitely in my DNA.

I came from the South with a mother who was hard working, so I love going to work every day.

People say to me, ‘Well, how do you direct Meryl Streep?’ You’re not wandering over to Meryl telling her how to act. She’s an extraordinary talent and unbelievably hard working; she works harder than anyone I have ever worked with before.

I really have the good fortune

I really have the good fortune that the actors who work with me on ‘The Leftovers’ are thoughtful, hard working, open people and generous people.

Having parents who were hard working, blue collar, and staunchly independent, neither political party’s positioning really impressed me.

I know and live with the real Dilip Kumar. He is a simple man, hard working, who has survived time.

Higher wages for American workers are not just good for American families, they are good for our economy. I will keep fighting for a raise for hard working Americans so our families can afford housing, help their children get a quality education, and secure a good retirement.

I remember working with a guy named Andrew Braccia at Yahoo, and Yahoo was the company that bought Flickr. Everyone on his team was hard working and reliable, did what they said they were going to do, on top of everything, and seemed to be operating at this level of productivity and effectiveness that I found difficult to manage to.

It is hard working with animals, I’ve got to say.

Many hard working people in low paid jobs get housing benefit.

Our family are all

Our family are all very hard working.

There are any number of very hard working people in Hollywood who deserve recognition. Mostly its the artisans and crafts persons – the ‘below the line’ workers – whose only reward is to be pejoratively labeled ‘below the line’ workers. I say get them all on the next thing smoking to Vegas for an all expense paid weekend of whatever.

If members of Congress believe so strongly that government-run health care is the best solution for hard working American families, I think it only fitting that Americans see them lead the way.

He could have made a difference. He could have brought real jobs and development to hard working communities that need and deserve those resources. Instead, William Boyland, Jr. worked to glorify one person, and that was himself.

Stuntmen don’t have a lavish life. They are such hard working people, but not respected enough. And I don’t like that. If I become something in my life, I want to give them a better life, take them to a higher level.

I do believe that we need to lower taxes on our hard working Iowans immediately.

Korean students are hard

Korean students are hard working, talented, and they do what they need to do. They succeed in exams. They are highly motivated to succeed in tests.

I never tried to be a mercenary or a killer but a hard working fighter.

Orlando is such a kind person. He’s so generous and one of us, ‘us’ meaning a theater person. What a lot of people don’t know about him is that, before ‘Lord of the Rings,’ he went to theater school like a lot of us. He is just really sweet and hard working.

Pitbull is, like, one of the most incredible humans. He’s an amazing guy, and when we first connected on ‘Fireball,’ he said, ‘I love it!’ He recorded the verse in a day, we mixed it the next day, and it was on the radio in like two weeks after we made the initial track. That’s just how he works. He’s so hard working, kind, and really appreciative.

I love being Latina. I love our values, the way we’re so in touch with others, our dark humor, how fun we are, how relaxed we are. I love how hard working, independent, and ambitious we are.

I like Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor. They are amazing and very hard working when it comes to dance.

I'm proud to be a hard

I’m proud to be a hard working actress; it’s what I’ve always loved to do and I’m so happy and proud to still be doing it.

The only differences one can and should allow in socialism are between hard working people and idlers and between honest people and dishonest people.

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