William Holden Quotes

“Aging is an inevitable process. I surely wouldn’t want to grow younger. The older you become, the more you know; your bank account of knowledge is much richer.” – William Holden

“There’s nothing tragic about being fifty. Not unless you’re trying to be twenty-five.” – William Holden

Theres nothing tragic about

“Funny how gentle people get with you once you’re dead.” – William Holden

“I don’t really know why, but danger has always been an important thing in my life – to see how far I could lean without falling, how fast I could go without cracking up.” – William Holden

I don't really know why,

“For me, acting is not an all-consuming thing, except for the moment when I am actually doing it.” – William Holden

“When you side with a man, you stay with him. And if you can’t do that, you’re like some animal. You’re finished. We’re finished. All of us.” – William Holden

When you side with a man,

“Movie acting may not have a certain kind of glory as true art, but it is damn hard work.” – William Holden

“Just one more word. If I ever run into any of you bums on the street corner, just let’s pretend we never met before.” – William Holden

Just one more word. If

“In general, I don’t care for scenes of copulation.Certain functions of the human body are bloody private.” – William Holden

“Hell is paved with good samaritans.” – William Holden

Hell is paved with good

“She’s television generation. She learned life from Bugs Bunny. The only reality she knows comes to her through the television set.” – William Holden

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