PhD Degree Holding First Boxing Champion Vitali Klitschko Quotes

Best quotes collection by Vitali Klitschko who stood three-time heavyweight world champion and a ukrainian politician.

Vitali Klitschko Popular Quotes

Vitali Klitschko Popular Quotes

  • I know that and I feel that.
  • I don’t like all this talking in the press.
  • He’s a good sportsman but his best at world trash talking.
  • You are a real champion. You talk a lot over the past six months and it is going to be great to show you inside the ring how it is better to resolve wars. Let’s talk in the office.
  • It’s not enough to be famous. You have to be professional enough to make reform.
  • I tried to be the leader … that was my aim. But it is important to know how to win and how to lose.
  • He’s earned all his money himself, with his fists. He didn’t steal it like the rest of our politicians. And he’ll be less tempted to steal if he gets in the chair.
  • I want to say that I cannot be intimidated or stopped. In order to put an end to various attempts to get rid of me as a possible candidate, I want to say that I’m running for president.
  • No expert can predict the heavyweight division. Every punch can make the decision.

Vitali Klitschko Quotes on Boxing

Vitali Klitschko Quotes on Boxing

  • All boxing experts told Helenius is the next world champion! Chisora beat him.
  • Chess and boxing have a lot in common, as both sports rely on the right strategy.
  • Tired? I don’t think so. I’m in such good shape that I could box even 25 rounds.
  • Boxing’s given me the chance to travel around the world and open the door and the world is much brighter.
  • There is one thing that I feel I still have to do and that is gain revenge over Lennox Lewis. If Lewis came back I would find the motivation to return to boxing and beat him.
  • Chess is similar to boxing. You need to develop a strategy, and you need to think two or three steps ahead about what your opponent is doing. You have to be smart. But what’s the difference between chess and boxing? In chess, nobody is an expert, but everybody plays. In boxing everybody is an expert, but nobody fights.

Vitali Klitschko Quotes on Fighting

Vitali Klitschko Quotes on Fighting

  • As a champion, I can’t fight against weak fighters.
  • I fight not for myself, I fight for the audience.
  • If your opponent wants to fight, the fight will be very interesting not just for the audience, but for myself.
  • I was actually very surprised, and I told myself wow, I want to fight this guy.
  • Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting injuries recently more than facing rivals in the ring.
  • Every fight can be the last one, that’s why for every fight I prepare myself like it’s the last fight of my career.
  • You talk about me, I am chicken to fight you. That’s not true. I bring you dessert on November 12th.

Vitali Klitschko Famous Quotes

Vitali Klitschko Famous Quotes

  • People power. It has no limits.
  • Baby wee is good because it’s pure, doesn’t contain toxins and doesn’t smell,
  • We try to use our experiences as leverage for our social work, to help children to get education because that is the way to get a special life.
  • Old man, 40 years old against young hungry man from Great Britain!
  • I doubt Dereck Chisora can knock me out.
  • In politics, every politician in Ukraine is afraid of that. They know, if people go to the streets, nobody feels safe.
  • Many people wants to be the president…they have ambition. Just ambition is not enough.
  • David Haye is too light. Simply too light. He’s not a real heavyweight.
  • I want to become Kiev’s mayor because I love my city very much and want to improve life in it.
  • I’ve travelled around the world, I’ve lived in Germany, I’ve lived in the United States, I’ve visited many countries, I can question why such a good country, such huge potential, why we don’t develop in the right way.
  • I promise everyone who comes to Ukraine can see a beautiful country.
  • David I knock you out! – While pointing to the camera with a smirk.
  • Nobody can beat the Klitschko brothers. That’s why it’s boring.
  • If Chisora wants to kiss me, OK, if he likes me so much, but the best answer for him will be an answer with a fist in the ring.