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Sandra Bullock Quotes On Comedy

I know nothing about love and romance, so I prefer to stick to just comedy.

I think people who do comedy tend to do it well, and to do it painfully and truthfully. So making the leap to drama is easier for them because everything they’ve done is from pain anyway.

I really am thankful that I got to do The Proposal movie the right way with people who taught me how to do comedy better.

I will do comedy until

I will do comedy until the day I die: inappropriate comedy, funny comedy, gender-bending, twisting comedy, whatever comedy is out there.

I was actually looking at comedies and wondered, ‘Why is every comedy for a women a romantic one? I was so done! Then I said, ‘Could I look at every script Jim Carrey rejected?’ It didn’t center around me getting a man.

People who do comedy really are the nastiest people on the planet.

There weren’t roles for females in comedies for a really long time.

The costume designer designing clothes that helped the comedy in The Proposal, that sold the character. Each and every detail was so perfectly thought of, what wouldn’t be here? That’s a lost art.

Usually comedy is only available to us ladies in the romantic comedy. That’s why I hate romantic comedies.

I love good romantic comedies.

I love good romantic comedies. There just aren’t a lot of them. But, I love comedies, and I’ll never stop doing them.

I think in general, romantic comedies tend to take one person’s point of view, but every once in a while you get something that is balanced for two people.

Sandra Bullock Quotes On Film

I’ve been in enough films where the studio wanted that extra little cuteness to make it sellable.

If a film is not a success, then that’s just the way things are. Nothing I can do can make a difference. I have stopped worrying about it.

My quest to find a great role for myself started long before this film [ “Our Brand Is Crisis”]came around.

If you can’t categorize a film for a studio, it’s really difficult for them to wrap their heads around it and give you the money.

I don’t understand why there needs to be a love interest to make women go see a film. I think society sort of makes us feel that way – that if you don’t have a guy, you’re worthless.

It’s sad when you say a $30 million film is an inexpensive film, but it is.

I will make myself sick on films, just because you want everything to be right. I can’t sleep if something hasn’t been done or is out of place.

I've always wanted

I’ve always wanted to do a female buddy film, the kind the guys get to do.

Sandra Bullock Quotes On Giving

I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.

If you can’t categorize a film for a studio, it’s really difficult for them to wrap their heads around it and give you the money.

You don’t have to give birth to someone to have a family. We’re all family – an extended family.

Anyone who has been given the gift of being opposite an actor who gives and gives, it just makes you better.

I’m just having fun. And giving a sort of second shot at childhood and life – and I need to be present to do it.

I can’t cry on demand. I need to feel what I’m feeling. I can’t just say, ‘Give me a moment’ and then cry.

I gave up coffee. It’s almost worse than giving up a lover.

Sandra Bullock Quotes On House

Fame means when your computer modem is broken, the repair guy comes out to your house a little faster.

The rule is you have

The rule is you have to dance a little bit in the morning before you leave the house because it changes the way you walk out in the world.

Leaving my house and getting on to a red carpet is always crazy for me, because you have to find a way to be comfortable in the most uncomfortable situation imaginable.

I realized that being an actor was something I never owned up to, in a weird way. I would be a hostess or a waitress or a house restorer before I would consider myself an actor, because I never thought I was good enough.

I’m one of those people who knows how lucky she is. And every day, I look around the house, and I count my blessings. They’re all there under that roof.

Sandra Bullock Quotes On MOther

I basically became a cheerleader because I had a very strict mom. That was my way of being a bad girl.

I was a brownie for a day. My mom made me stop. She didn’t want me to conform.

My mother always told me,

My mother always told me, ‘Don’t get married. Make your own life. You don’t need a man.’

Uniqueness was something my mother pounded into me.

I was rejected in school because I didn’t look like the big-breasted, beautiful girls. I was awkward and sad. My mother always said, “Be original!” but I didn’t understand until I changed to be like everyone else.

My mother was ahead of her time as a woman.

Sandra Bullock Quotes On Parent

My parents were opera singers and voice teachers, so growing up, I admired musicians and dancers.

I’m very musically inclined. My parents were opera singers. As a young child, I could hear operas and I knew if they were sad, or if they reminded me of something, or they brought back a memory.

I was raised in Washington, DC in a household where one parent was a Republican and the other was a Democrat, so I got both sides.

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