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Find best quotes collection by Rupert Murdoch who is a Chairman and CEO of global media holding company News Corporation

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Rupert Murdoch quotes

  • I’m a curious person who’s interested in the great issues of the day, and I’m not good at holding my tongue.
  • I didn’t have the will to crush the unions. I might have had the desire.
  • I’ve never asked a Prime Minister for anything.
  • I don’t know many politicians.
  • I take particular pride in the fact that we’ve never pushed our commercial interests in our newspapers.
  • If you want to judge my thinking, look at The Sun.
  • People can stop buying my newspapers anytime—often do, I’m afraid.
  • Don’t take my Tweets too seriously.
  • I’m not an economist and we all know economists were created to make weather forecasters look good.
  • If the head man in a company is not working 12 hours a day, doing things, taking risks, but also standing with his people in the trenches at the most difficult of times, then the company loses something.
  • The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.
  • I am amazed that CNN can’t get its act together.
  • Great journalism will always attract readers. The words, pictures and graphics that are the stuff of journalism have to be brilliantly packaged; they must feed the mind and move the heart.
  • When you’re a catalyst for change, you make enemies – and I’m proud of the ones I’ve got.
  • Journalists should think of themselves as outside the Establishment, and owners can’t be too worried about what they’re told at their country clubs.

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Rupert Murdoch quotes and sayings

  • I’m not looking for a legacy, and you’ll never shut up the critics. I’ve been around 50 years. When you’re a catalyst for change, you make enemies – and I’m proud of the ones I’ve got.
  • You can’t build a strong corporation with a lot of committees and a board that has to be consulted every turn. You have to be able to make decisions on your own.
  • One thing I resent is the slur that I just support political candidates because of the business.
  • Advances in the technology of telecommunications have proved an unambiguous threat to totalitarian regimes everywhere.
  • I think a newspaper should be provocative, stir ’em up, but you can’t do that on television. It’s just not on.
  • The buck stops with the guy who signs the checks.
  • I can go into restaurants and a whole table will get up and clap if they recognize me, because they love Fox News. Other places – or even the same place – people will turn the other way.
  • The UK desperately needs less government and freer markets.
  • It’s been a long career, and I’ve made some mistakes along the way.
  • When I hear something going wrong, I insist on it being put right.
  • Money is not the motivating force. It’s nice to have money, but I don’t live high. What I enjoy is running the business.
  • I don’t mind what people say about me. I’ve never read a book about myself.
  • Climate change has been going on as long as the planet is here, and there will always be a little bit of it.
  • The digital native doesn’t send a letter to the editor anymore. She goes online and starts a blog.
  • We started Fox when everyone said it couldn’t be done.
  • You can’t have a free democracy if you don’t have a free media that can provide vital and independent information to the people.
  • People begin to resent the rich only when they conclude that the system is rigged.

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