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Priyanka Chopra Quotes On Caracter

I don’t want to be a stereotype; I want a character that’s aspirational.

I don’t ever want to do the same character twice. Variety excites me.

Strength of character is already written. What we bring, as an actor, is an almost 3D-ness to it.

A character is 2D, and then after I come in it becomes a 3D; it becomes alive.

Every character that I play,

Every character that I play, even if it’s a homemaker, there is an inherent, innate strength in her – you can find strength in every facet of a female personality. It doesn’t just come from the physical strength of a woman.

My father is conservative but has always supported my decisions. He lets me take my own decisions. His only condition while allowing me to come to Mumbai was that my mother must accompany me.

Priyanka Chopra Quotes On film

I don’t come from a film background. I haven’t learned anything about films or film-making. But I have a thirst to know everything about my profession. I want to learn about cinematography, about editing, about music recordings, about post-production. So when people in the know talk, I willingly listen.

If my film does not do well, it really hurts me. But by God’s grace, even if some of my films may not have done well, people have still liked my work in it.

If two of your films don’t do well, people say you’re out in the cold and your career is over. One film does well, and you’ve had the best year of your life! I don’t believe in all that’s written.

I was also told some years ago that I shouldn’t ‘waste my time’ with female-centric films because the audience was not ready for it.

After reaching season two

After reaching season two on TV series, having done a film, and receiving acknowledgment in America, I feel like now whatever I do will be on me. My choices will be mine; my disappointments will be mine.

Priyanka Chopra Quotes On Hard Work

I believe destiny and hard work go hand in hand.

I am just a hard-working 23-year-old. When Maxim asked me to be on their cover, I was quite surprised. Of course, I was happy about it.

Priyanka Chopra Quotes On Opportunity

I love what I do, and for me, acting can be anything. It could be in America. It could be in India. It could be in England. It could be anything. As long as it’s an interesting part and an interesting opportunity, I would love to do it.

Women are often told to have to be a certain way, to speak a certain way. The “norm” has been defined for many, many years, so it is very scary, especially for girls around the world who don’t have the freedom and the opportunity to have a voice.

We spend too much time as people thinking about what we don’t have instead of actually making a change, and we just need to make that change now because we’re being giving the opportunity.

Priyanka Chopra Quotes On Sleep

When I became Miss World, I couldn’t believe I had won it. I used to sleep with my crown because I was scared someone would steal it. In a minute the world changed for me.

Flying is my favorite time in the world. When I’m sitting in a plane, it’s amazing because it’s quiet and there’s no cell phones and no one to talk to you. It’s my favorite time. I read all my scripts. I catch up on my movies. I sleep. It’s the best. There’s no one telling you, “Time to go!”

I was obsessed with Tupac

I was obsessed with Tupac – like eat, sleep, breathe Tupac. During this obsessive love affair, I dressed the part.

I don’t want to be a stereotype; I want a character that’s aspirational.

I was very sure I did not want to be the stereotype of what Indian people are seen as, which is Bollywood and henna. That’s all great! It’s what we are, and I love it. I love saris; I love music. I love henna; I love dancing, but that’s not all we are.

I did not want to be the stereotype of either Bollywood or what Indian actors are usually offered. The exotic, beautiful girl, or the academically inclined nerd. And I wanted to play a lead… I didn’t settle for less.

We’re extremely young and have the potential to be anything that we want to be.

When someone asks me about my diet I feel terrible saying that I don’t really have one.

I’m not usually a follower of trends – I like to set them a lot more. I don’t like things that people have done already, then it’s no fun for me to do it.

I always advocate to young women that if we don’t do this for ourselves, no one else is going to. We have to have a voice.

It's so stupid, so archaic

It’s so stupid, so archaic to say that men are so stupid they’d give anything for sex, and women are…that that’s the only resort we have.

I do hope having done what I did, and America having accepted me the way they did, opens the door for more global talent, which should have representation in global entertainment.

I’ve always been someone who’s kept my private life a little private. When there’s a ring on my finger, I’ll talk about it.

We’re afraid of letting people see the glory of who we are.

I don’t think a lot of people in America understand what Indians are. And that’s our fault, a little. We tend to forget our roots a bit. As kids we think, If I’m too Indian, I’ll be put in a box, and people will think of me as different. They’ll think I’m weird, because I eat Indian food or my name is difficult to pronounce.

Everything isn’t perfect.

I’m not American, but I do have an opinion, and I think that right now, it is what it is, and I think the country needs to come together to say: What is the America we want to create right now? The same thing will happen on television now going forward if we do have a female president. It will be something that will be discussed.

There have been so many

There have been so many nations around the world that have had female leaders, including India.

I hope and look forward to the day that there will be a female president of the United States.

The joy of creating is the truest joy.

I don’t enjoy being told what to do, I’m not that kind of actor, I’m a thinking actor.

I seek out parts which are strong women. It’s not the quantity of a role; it’s the quality of a role.

Whatever it is, you have to show up for the job, and power through.

I learned very early in my career that when I don’t arrive on set, production will shut down, which means people won’t get paid; there’s that much responsibility.

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