Top Four-Weight World Champion Pernell Whitaker Quotes

Numerous quotes collection by great boxer Pernell Whitaker who is currently working as a boxing trainer.

Pernell Whitaker Popular Quotes

  • I’m a defensive fighter. That’s the first thing I’m going to remind him of, how to not get hit.
  • I’m a scientist now, I’m not a boxer, but I was a legend, I wasn’t just a boxer. I knew the game from A to Z.
  • I think (in the past) the head butts have been his biggest downfall.
  • If the fight is scheduled 12 rounds, we’re prepared to go 12 rounds. My job is to make sure he’s ready to give you people 12 solid rounds. If anything less happens (rounds) that’s just a tribute to his hard work.
  • What you’re gonna get this time is some good boxing, some great defense and a good jab.

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