Paul Newman Quotes

“Dreams without movement are delusions, escapes, kid’s play. You have to put your feet into your dreams if they’re ever going to be reality. The dreamers we know and love today are the ones who worked the hardest” ~ Paul Newman

“If you have no enemies, you have no character. Taking a stand always creates opposition.” ~ Paul Newman

“The Alexander Technique helped a long-standing back problem and to get a good night’s sleep after many years of tossing and turning.” ~ Paul Newman

The Alexander Technique helped

“People stay married because they want to, not because the doors are locked.” ~ Paul Newman

“People stay married because they want to, not because the doors are locked.” ~ Paul Newman

“Make sure you live life, which means don’t do things where you court celebrity, and give something positive back to our society.” ~ Paul Newman

“Sometimes nothin’ can be a real cool hand.” ~ Paul Newman

Sometimes nothin' can

“The best thing you can give yourselves…is the gift of possibility. And the best thing you can give each other is the pledge to go on protecting that gift in each other as long as you live.” ~ Paul Newman

“At the beginning of your career, it’s ‘Who is Paul Newman?’ and then it’s ‘Get me Paul Newman.’ Then it’s ‘Get me a young Paul Newman.’ Then it’s ‘Who is Paul Newman?'” ~ Paul Newman

“The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of possibility.” ~ Paul Newman

“The problem with getting older is you still remember how things used to be.” ~ Paul Newman

“When you see the right thing to do, you’d better do it.” ~ Paul Newman

“You only grow when you are alone.” ~ Paul Newman

“Building weapons that we don’t need, don’t work, and aren’t necessary, and have no mission — that’s not bad politics, that’s robbery.” ~ Paul Newman

Building weapons that we don't

“A man with no enemies is a man with no character.” ~ Paul Newman

“What we got here is a failure to communicate.” ~ Paul Newman

“To be an actor you have to be a child.” ~ Paul Newman

To be an actor you have

“You say somebody’s guilty, everybody believes you. You say they’re innocent, nobody cares.” ~ Paul Newman

“The spaghetti sauce is a good thing to think about. Morning, noon, and night, think about the spaghetti sauce. Think about hustling other people to buy the spaghetti sauce.” ~ Paul Newman

“From the very beginning, we bucked tradition. When the experts said that something was “always done” in a certain way, we’d do it our way, which was sometimes the very opposite.” ~ Paul Newman

“I don’t think there’s anything exceptional or noble in being philanthropic. It’s the other attitude that confuses me.” ~ Paul Newman

I don't think there's anything

“If you have no enemies, you have no character.” ~ Paul Newman

“A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned.” ~ Paul Newman

“Newman’s first law: It is useless to put on your brakes when you’re upside down.” ~ Paul Newman

“It’s always darkest before it turns absolutely pitch black.” ~ Paul Newman

It's always darkest before

“It’s like chasing a beautiful woman for 80 years. Finally, she relents and you say, ‘I’m terribly sorry. I’m tired.’ [After winning his first Oscar after so many losses]” ~ Paul Newman

“How many honest men do you know? Take the sinners away from the saints, you’re lucky to end up with Abraham Lincoln.” ~ Paul Newman

“It’s really important to be attentive to the people who have less – who are less fortunate than you are.” ~ Paul Newman

“Natural law. Sons are put on this earth to trouble their fathers.” ~ Paul Newman

Natural law. Sons are put

“For those of you who like to scarf your popcorn in the sack, the good news is that Newman’s Own contains an aphrodisiac.” ~ Paul Newman

“To that extent that you can sustain and maintain that childlike part of your personality is probably the best part of acting.” ~ Paul Newman

“I can eat fifty eggs.” ~ Paul Newman

I can eat fifty eggs.

“Men experience many passions in a lifetime. One passion drives away the one before it.” ~ Paul Newman

“The characters I have the least in common with are the ones I have the greatest success with. The further a role is from my own experience, the more I try to deepen it.” ~ Paul Newman

“Who’s to say who’s an expert?” ~ Paul Newman

Who's to say who's an

“Acting is like letting your pants down; you’re exposed.” ~ Paul Newman

“You can’t stop being a citizen just because you have a Screen Actors’ Guild card.” ~ Paul Newman

“I picture my epitaph: ‘Here lies Paul Newman, who died a failure because his eyes turned brown.” ~ Paul Newman

I picture my epitaph Here

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