British Former Professional Boxer Naseem Hamed Quotes & Sayings

Inspiring quotes by Naseem Hamed who is the third best British boxer of all time.

Naseem Hamed Famous QuotesNaseem Hamed Famous Quotes

  • Power is more than the punch. I get so much power and belief in myself from God, and from God the power passes through my legs, through my hips, up to my shoulders, through my arms, and into my fists…I’m written to be a legend.
  • You can never underestimate the prince, I’m always there. The prince will never die. I ain’t bragging, but I ain’t seen nobody, and I mean nobody, come to the ring in such style, with such flair, charisma, I’m talking about bringing it all, a full package. I mean who would you know that could come out in a flying carpet.
  • Come out like a concert, dancing, with like, oozing confidence, and then get in and take somebody out. Come on, do you know anybody in the history of the sport, that did what Prince Naseem did. And I ain’t trying to brag, but I was bloody good at it.

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