Moving on Quotes for boyfriend

Its about the future. Holding back to the past will drain you the energy that would be used to realize the dreams of the future. Let go of things that ended and be grateful it happened.

When you let go of the past, the lessons remains to guide your next step to the future. Letting go shows that you are stronger than your past.

Letting go is actually harder than holding on. But its better to let go of the past and face the future. Holding on to something that doesn’t exist will ruin your happy moments.

While we can’t control the amount of love and attachment we give to some persons in our life, we can as well learn to let go when its time. Nothing beats ending it when its time to.

Even trees and leaves let go of each other during the winter. You can always move on and let things go it’s way. Remember, you are more powerful than you think.

Even trees and leaves

Letting go isn’t about failure, its about starting all over again with lots of experience to move further than before. Never regret it when its time to start again.\

You may not be happy immediately you let go of something precious, but you will be, in no distant time, because letting go of the past prepares you for the goodies of the future.

Let go of people who you don’t see in your vision. Forget those set of people who care little of your dreams. Never get hooked up with anyone who only add up to your past and doesn’t design your future.

Let them go if they don’t fit in to your life. Take a deep breathe and remember that you are sure of this moment. So go start up something exciting and forget that those people were once in your life.

When you let go, you move forward. You have got to throw away the old one for the new one to fit in. Forgive your self and prepare for the best things ahead.

When you let go, you

Holding on won’t change things to go according to your wishes, but letting go will reposition you to achieve your quests.

You show control over yourself when you let go of that past relationship. Quit holding on to toxicity.

Some battles are not won fighting till the end. Some battles are to be lost so as to live and tell your experiences. At one point in everyone’s life, letting go becomes the only option.

Holding on to the past gives two identities. Let go of the past since you can’t change it and hold on to the future which looks promising. You can design your future but not your past.

. Everything happened, it was fantastic and amazing. It was the best on earth and one mind blowing relationship, but there is one thing remaining now. Which is, letting go and keeping the memories aside.

Everything happened, it was

As much as it hurts to believe that it has ended, its important you do because he belongs to the past. You can’t change it. It might be tough, but you’d be grateful for the decision you took.

As much as it hurts to believe that it has ended, its important you do because he belongs to the past. You can’t change it. It might be tough, but you’d be grateful for the decision you took.

If they let you go, it actually means that you are not as important as you think you are to them. Keep them far away because they don’t define your future and they have no role to play in your life.

. Let go of that person who can live without you, when you can’t live without them. They ain’t worth the stress of loving. Be with those that value you, they are the persons who built their world around you.

You realize your full potential to survive and adapt when you let go of some people and things. It may seem hard at first, but you will be amazed at how happy you will be without that toxic person.

You realize your full potential

love to be with you all my life. I’ve always wanted to see you face every morning but everything changed and I have no option than letting you go be with those who matters to you.

I may not be the best for you, but you have always been my first choice. I am not even close to perfection, but you have been perfect for me since day one. I gave you my whole love but you love another, its about moving on, there is nothing left for me in your world.

I am not even close to perfection, but you have been perfect for me since day one.

You lose your self respect when you refused to see that the love is one sided. You lose yourself and become nothing when you are hanging on to something that won’t live again.

. Life with you would have been perfect. Me, you and our kids. These were the sweet things we once wished for, but not anymore. Because being without you is far better than being with you.

I am going to make a much sweeter memories, but it will be with someone else. I have been existing before I met you, letting you go will never end my existence on earth either.

Every good thing in life takes effort and struggle to accomplish. Same with letting go. Even the reward systems are the same. You will be happy to let go, than to keep believing on what was long gone.

Every good thing in life

When you let go of someone, their memories never seem to fade, but with time, more sweet and beautiful memories will cover up the one of the past.

When you are afraid of letting go, remember that difficult and dreadful journeys lead to beautiful destinations. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Love with your heart and keep hate far from you, but when its time to stop loving. Just pack your heart and move on. A relationship can end but your life continues.

You don’t have to lie to keep someone.

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