Moving On & Missing Son Quotes Quotes for Mother & Father

I like a little chivalry; I like to receive flowers. I like taking care of a son and a husband, and in my judgment, those who recoil from these things don’t know what they’re missing.

The advantage is I have

The advantage is I have my family with me all the time. When your daughter takes her first steps or says her first words and your son is going through potty training, I’m not missing any of those things.

There is a cost that comes with moving schools so often and it’s not what I want for my son when he gets older, but it did make me very adaptable. I became aware of what was missing from the social structure of each class that I arrived in, and made sure to fill that gap.

I dabbled in things

I dabbled in things like Howlin’ Wolf, Cream and Led Zeppelin, but when I heard Son House and Robert Johnson, it blew my mind. It was something I’d been missing my whole life. That music made me discard everything else and just get down to the soul and honesty of the blues.

I don’t feel the pressure and stress of having to be a comic in a club every night. I accomplished a lot of things; I did lot of things, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out when I am home with my son.

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