Missing Her Quotes to Explain Your Love for Her

I miss those times I waited out your window until you finally come out to see me, baby.

There were times when I miss being with you, I miss eating out together and having fun.

You are the person who

You are the person who makes me laugh and lately I haven’t been smiling ‘coz I’m intoxicated by you.

There are things that only you can do like make me smile when crying, I’m bedazzled by you so much.

I wish we can create more memories, come back here and we will, I miss you, my girl.

No matter how much the years pass us by, I think I will keep missing you ‘til I see you again.

There is not a single day that I do not think about you and just about how much I’m intoxicated by you.

I wish there was a magic to seeing you, that I can teleport to where you are ‘coz I’m intoxicated by you.

I wish you were here with me right now so that I am able to hold you in my arms, I’m intoxicated by you.

I miss you so much,

I miss you so much, I am suffering every minute that you are not here beside me, my love.

I want to be able to hold your hand, to touch your face, to kiss you and be with you, dear.

Missing you has always been one of my weaknesses, I wish you were here with me today.

Do you hear that? That is this beating heart of mine missing you a whole lot right now.

The truth is that I am not okay because I am sick with this missing you diseases today.

There are nights when I do not even sleep because I have been thinking about you each hour.

No one can ever replace you in my life, in my arms, in my heart, I’m intoxicated badly right now.

I miss talking to you like there is no tomorrow, holding my phone to my ear until morning.

You may be miles away right now but I close my eyes and I feel you in my heart, I’m bedazzled by you.

I miss being able to hug

I miss being able to hug you tight in my embrace and feeling your warmth, I’m intoxicated by you, girl.

My baby girl, I wish you were here with me and we would walk down the park, holding hands.

I miss those times you told me that you love me then kiss me, I miss the feeling of your lips.

When the two of us are together, time goes a little bit faster so I miss you more right now.

Tell me how do I stop missing the person that I love the most in this world, I’m intoxicated by you, baby.

I want to be able to wrap my arms around you and just kiss your head, I’m intoxicated by you so much.

You are subconsciously in my mind all the time and I do not even want to know what to do.

Every step that I take, I hope brings me a step closer to you because I miss you so much, girl.

I think of you and remember

I think of you and remember you in everything that I do and I know that I am missing you.

Baby, I wish we have more time together, that we are able to be with each other more, girl.

You have always been my sun and now that you are gone, darkness fills me up, I’m bedazzled by you.

You are the star, you are my star, my guide the one that shines so bright, I miss you, girl.

Every night feels so incomplete without you, I just wish you were here with me, I’m bedazzled by you.

There is a gaping hole here in my heart ever since you decided to leave me.

Come back here and together let us face all the challenges of life, I’m intoxicated by you so bad, baby.

If only you would see how miserable I am without you, maybe then you will come back to me.

I feel dead whenever

I feel dead whenever you are not here, I hope we get to meet sometime soon ‘coz I miss you.

I think missing you is the hardest part in being apart, I wish we were together more often.

Even when you are just going to be gone for an hour or two, I still miss you badly, baby.

A single day together with you is worth the thousand days not spend together.

Missing you is the ugliest and the most painful thing I have ever suffered from my life.

I remember you when it is snowing, how you used to hold my hand and warm it up, I miss you.

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