Former Professional Basketball Player Luke Walton Quotes

Find famous collection of quotes by Luke Walton who is current head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Luke Walton quotes and sayings

  • An amazing player, but an even better leader. He makes us better. All game long, he made us better.
  • We’ve been a very focused team in trying to do what the coaches have set up for us to do.
  • I grew up with hippie parents, so I don’t know much about the fashion world.
  • It was two of the best players of all time going head to head. The fans definitely got a treat.
  • When we are playing on top of our game, we are a very hard team to play.
  • Any chance we have to use our depth, we’re going to, we didn’t have to run anyone into the ground tonight.
  • We have been a lot better at controlling the tempo in these games. In the regular season, we tried to play their style. They kind of bait you. If you run out, you can get some easier shots, but in the whole 48 minutes you are not going to beat them playing that way.
  • They were trying to outrun us and we are trying to pound them inside, so that is the way it’s going to go. So far, we have come out on top in two of three. They are not going to change their style and we are not going to change ours.
  • You get jacked up for the big games and you kind of let down a little bit for the game that you are supposed to win. But it shouldn’t be like that with the situation we’re in.
  • Probably two or three months ago, I would not have had the confidence to take that shot. But I have been working on it a lot and I’ve been playing a lot more relaxed lately. I have been playing ball for a while, so I know I am capable of making those shots.
  • I am intense and focused, but at the same time, I am relaxed and just letting the game come to me. Earlier in the season, I was trying to press things and make stuff happen. I was talking to myself in my head the whole game instead of just reacting.

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