Lineal and Numerous Regional Championships Winner Lennox Lewis Quotes

Find ultimate collection of quotes by several regional championships winner Lennox Lewis.

Lennox Lewis Quotes on Boxing

  • Boxing isn’t just about brute strength; it’s about skill and outwitting your opponent.
  • In boxing, if you think you will’re already halfway there.
  • There is just one rule about boxing: never bet on the white guy.
  • In boxing you create a strategy to beat each new opponent, it’s just like chess
  • Thomas Hauser respects boxing and boxers. He gives readers insight into what happens in and out of the ring. Everything he writes is fair-minded and reality-based with a human touch.

Lennox Lewis Quotes on Champion

  • The mission I set out on in the beginning – to become heavyweight champion of the world, undisputed, lineal champion – you could say that mission is complete.
  • I am the heavyweight champion of the world, and the greatest heavyweight you have seen for a long while. With Tyson on the card, it is definitely an added bonus because Lewis-Tyson on the same c

Lennox Lewis Quotes on Champion

  • You can just fight one man at a time.
  • People know I was the last true champion.
  • I wanted to prove I was the best fighter in the world.
  • I cannot fight everyone at once. I have to take one at a time.
  • The fight will last as long as I allow it to last…
  • I have always said I am a five-dimensional fighter.
  • The Tyson fight was like the hardest I ever trained for a fight in my entire career.
  • After about 25 fights you don’t always have to keep going to the bathroom before the fight.
  • I am just taking the top fights out there for me. People will get bored seeing me every day knock someone out.
  • I think Kirk Johnson is a more exciting fighter than Chris Byrd. A lot of people agree with me when it comes to that.
  • There are still a lot of Mike Tyson fans out there, and a lot of disbelievers in the first fight, and they want to see us fight again. I am the emperor. If he wants to fight, I am here. If he does not, I understand.
  • Different fights bring out different things. I consider myself a seasoned professional. I have done things in the gym that have not come out yet. People would be amazed if they saw me train.
  • Vitali [Klitschko] does want to fight me, but his promoter wants to be bigger than him. This is another situation of politics in the sport.
  • Fighters used to be afraid of the Russians, Cubans but then I’d figure them out and figure out how to beat them.
  • [Kirk] Johnson throws some heavy punches and is a knockout fighter. This is what people want to see. They want to see a fight, they want to see punches and they want to see action.
  • When I was fighting Tyrell Biggs, Tyson was telling me at ringside to hit him to the ribs. We always had a mutual respect for each other since we sparred those early times. We got that over with.
  • It’s a very interesting fight [Klitchko vs Tyson Fury] because this is the first time [Wladimir] Klitschko is fighting someone as big as him and with longer arms. He will have to be a little bit more aggressive, otherwise the younger guy will have more speed and more energy and I think that may be the difference.
  • There is not too much left for me to do, but I am sure there are a couple of great fights out there for me. I have basically achieved my goals. There are a few fights the public wants to see, and that is really what is left for me.

Lennox Lewis Quotes on Boxer

  • If I don’t feel the same hunger as I once did then I definitely shouldn’t box any more.
  • I’ve got a new life now, a new future, there’s a lot more to Lennox Lewis than just being a boxer.
  • I play chess about four hours a day in training camp. You have to decide what move to use, or what combination of moves. I think less when I box because the reaction time is a lot quicker, but some people call me the chess boxer because they say I think too much in the ring. I take my time and they don’t see the action they want. Some boxers just go in there and just throw punches and hope to win…
  • I don’t see where Tyson Fury has boxed anybody of Wladimir’s [ Klitschko] calibre to be able to get in the ring with Wladimir and do well.
  • [Wladimir] Klitschko has got the experience, so if Tyson [Fury] waits on him, Klitschko will out-box him. But if he uses his speed and reach it will be a great chance for him to win.
  • I am proud to be in Los Angeles. I have a lot of fans that love me here. When you talk about the Meccas of boxing – Las Vegas, New York – now you have to talk about Los Angeles.

Lennox Lewis Popular Quotes

  • Whatever I do, I always want to get better.
  • You can consider me like fine wine. I just get better with age.
  • If the media didn’t know I played chess, there’d be no angle on me at all.
  • I just want to complete my legacy.
  • I’ve worked hard and accomplished what I’ve accomplished in the heavyweight scene.
  • People want to see me back in the ring. I think it is more of a drag lying around on the beach.
  • How can you trust a man who can talk for 5 minutes and you cant understand a sentence of it!
  • It’s not rage that drives me, it’s competition.
  • Sometimes success needs interruption to regain focus and shake off complacency.
  • Action is what separates the do-ers from the dreamers.

Famous Lennox Lewis Quotes

  • I don’t have anything else to prove.
  • The danger of a closed mind is that it can also leave good things like love, compassion and reason on its outside.
  • You can’t spend 110 percent on something if you don’t have that same hunger and drive. I have achieved all my goals — my mission is complete.
  • I’ve found that taking shortcuts will get you to the place you don’t want to be much quicker than they get u to the place u want to be.
  • I always ask myself why old heavyweights come back, but I plan to stay out of the ring.
  • Adversity is something that makes reaching your goals so much more rewarding than if it didn’t exist. .
  • I am definitely not scared of Mike Tyson. I am at the top of the food chain and he is looking to knock me off. Mike’s an arrogant imbecile. He sounds like a cartoon character.
  • For me, there’s never any bad blood – unless you do something to me.
  • I have always been English, ever since I emigrated from England and since the kids in Canada beat me up at the age of twelve for having an East London Cockney accent. I thank them for the cockney taunts because the beatings turned m
  • I am going to have one Klitschko for breakfast and one Klitschko for lunch.
  • People are still crying out for Lennox Lewis. They still want to see Lennox Lewis. That motivated me. I am still young. I have a couple fights left in me.
  • When I saw Tyson knocking everybody out on TV, I thought, He’s goooood. But when I saw him in person, he didn’t look as awesome.
  • The fact is that Mike Tyson bit through my trousers and took a significant piece of flesh out of my thigh.

Lennox Lewis Motivational Quotes

  • I’m undisputed and there’s no disputing that.
  • I was very aggressive as a child. At primary school in London my attitude was ‘If you don’t do what I say, I’ll knowk you out’, and I was eventually expelled for fighting.
  • I come across famous people all the time. It’s the respect factor I appreciate. They respect me, they respect what I’ve achieved and the manner I’ve done it. It’s street credibility. They know where I’m coming from, they know my reputation.
  • During the past 23 years, I have set a number of goals for myself and I’m proud to say that these goals have been achieved.
  • Now I am ready to set new goals and start a new career for myself outside of the ring.
  • Every era that comes along has a superstar that emerges. Once we are out of the game, there will be a superstar who will emerge that everyone will notice.

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