Famous American Professional Boxer Joe Frazier Motivational Quotes

Find the ultimate collection of quotes by boxing champion ranked as the 8th greatest heavyweight.

Joe Frazier Popular Quotes

  • There’s one thing I don’t ever think about: losing … Instead, I think about how I’m going to win, and how I can do it the quickest way.
  • If I said ‘Fall down’, he’s gonna fall down. I’m still his father.
  • When I go out there, I have no pity on my brother. I am out there to win.
  • I’ve achieved ‘the American dream.’ I feel it’s my duty to help others achieve their vision, too – especially the youth.
  • Work is the only meanin’ I’ve ever known. Like the man in the song says, I just gotta keep on keepin’ on.

Joe Frazier Boxing Quotes

  • The boxing game has been good, so we need to give back. We have to teach young men how to be men.
  • Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book.
  • Since I was a boy of five or six, I had it in my mind I would be a world boxing champion.

Joe Frazier Quotes on Champion

  • Champions aren’t made in the ring, they are merely recognized there.
  • The way I fight, it’s not me beatin’ the man. I make the man whip himself.
  • Champions aren’t made in the ring, they are merely recognized there. What you cheat on in the early light of morning will show up in the ring under the bright lights.
  • Joe Louis is the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. Rocky Marciano is second only to Louis. Where do I rate Ali? Somewhere below me. I beat him, and if I could beat him, no doubt Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano could have beaten him.
  • I loved fighting… It gave me the opportunity to prove myself, to stand up and say, ‘I’m the best. I matter. I am.’

Joe Frazier Motivational Quotes

  • Work is the only meanin’ I’ve ever known.
  • Courage is how bad you want it.
  • If you cheat in the dark of the morning, you’ll get found in the bright lights of the night.
  • I don’t think a man has to go around shouting and play-acting to prove he is something. And a real man don’t go around putting other guys down, trampling their feelings in the dirt, making out they’re nothing.
  • Ali always said I would be nothing without him, but who would he have been without me?
  • If I lose, I’ll walk away and never feel bad because I did all I could. There was nothing more to do.
  • I wasn’t a big guy. People thought the big guys would eat me up. But it was the other way around. I loved to fight bigger guys.

Joe Frazier Inspirational Quotes

  • A sound body keeps a sound mind.
  • I hit him with body shots that would have brought down cities.
  • I don’t want nothing comin’ at me that I can’t stop.
  • I want to hit him, step away and watch him hurt. I want his heart.

Joe Frazier Famous Quotes

  • You got 3 things going against you: you’re good, you’re left-handed, and you’re black
  • His mouth made him feel like he was gonna win. Not his hands, I had my hand. He had his lips.
  • I had my Olympic gold medal cut up into eleven pieces. Gave all eleven of my kids a piece. It’ll come together again when they put me down.
  • There are places on a man’s head that are as hard as a rock. Your head’s actually stronger than your body. And you don’t have too many instruments up there workin’.
  • I had a job to do in the ring, and the businessmen around me had a job to do outside the ring, I did my job by beating up most of the guys they put in front of me and staying in shape, but the people I trusted didn’t do their jobs.
  • When I was a boy, I used to pull a big cross saw with my dad. He’d use his right hand, so I’d have to use my left.

Joe Frazier Quotes on Life

  • Life doesn’t run away from nobody. Life runs at people.
  • Joe Frazier’s life didn’t start with Ali. I was a Golden Gloves champ. Gold medal in Tokyo ’64. Heavyweight champion of the world long before I fought Ali in the Garden.
  • You can map out a fight plan or a life plan, but when the action starts, it may not go the way you planned, and you’re down to your reflexes – that means your [preparation:]. That’s where your roadwork shows. If you cheated on that in the dark of the morning, well, you’re going to get found out now, under the bright lights.

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