Largest Real Estate Developer Jianlin Wang Quotes

Find best collection of quotes by China’s largest real estate developer Jianlin Wang who is famously known as founder and chairman of Dalian Wanda Group.

Jianlin Wang Quotes on Business

  • Acquiring Sunseeker deepens Wandas international influence and represents an important step forward for the development of the business.
  • China is a government-oriented economy. No one can say he can run his business entirely without government connections. Anybody who says that he or she can do things alone… is a hypocrite.

Jianlin Wang Quotes on Company

  • Don’t ally your personal interests with the development of the company.
  • If you are only big in China, you are only a local Chinese company.
  • There’s no single company in the whole world that has a big-scale production base and at the same time has screening and distribution channels. Wanda Group is the first one in the world.
  • Among the worlds 500 largest companies, not one has completely relied on its own growth to develop.
  • There are not many companies in China that dare to say in public, We dont offer bribes, or companies that operate only by market rules.

Jianlin Wang Quotes on China

  • Chinas movie industry is growing a lot faster than that of the U.S.
  • Chinese people today have strong demand for culture, but we need effective supply, and China needs innovative cultural products.
  • China has set its cultural industries as pillar industries.
  • If Wanda can control more than 20 per cent of the world’s three most important film markets – the United States, Europe and China – then it will have an empire with great voice in the industry.
  • Chinese consumption, particularly high-end consumption, is booming.

Wang Jianlin Famous Quotes

  • I am not a person who pursues luxury. I am not like those people who, once they have money, compulsively squander it or show it off.
  • In setting goals and executing a strategy, Wanda is sophisticated. We have good systems and departments. If targets are not reached, a yellow light goes off.
  • The basic principle is I command, and my employees carry it out immediately.
  • In a globalized economy, it’s very difficult for the U.K. to go it alone. Don’t listen to politicians. Politicians say if the U.K. leaves, things will be better. I’m telling you, leaving could make things worse.
  • The London property market has excellent investment opportunities.
  • Real estate deals a lot with the government. It isn’t like manufacturing, logistics, home appliances or the auto sector, which deal with consumers.
  • Foreign politicians don’t have resources – or limited resources. It’s useless dealing with them.
  • Remain close to government and away from politics. It means deal more with the authorities. And less with individuals.
  • Wanda and Reliance are two of the largest private conglomerates in their respective countries. By joining our strengths together, we hope our cooperation will bring mutual benefits and great results.
  • Investing in Chicago property is just Wanda’s first move into the U.S. real estate market.
  • I know Bo Xilai well. But our relationship was based on our work; we didn’t have a personal relationship.

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