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Jamie Vardy Quotes On Possible

I am so proud of what I’ve achieved personally, but without the lads around me, nothing would have been possible.

There’s a lot of people blocked on my Twitter for various reasons which I don’t need to get into.

The word ‘racist’ is a permanent stain against my name. It’s worse than a criminal record. Some people will never forgive me. Others will accept I made a terrible mistake and recognise I have learnt from it. It’s on YouTube when my kids type in their dad’s name, and it comes up ‘Jamie Vardy racist’. On Google, too. It’s horrible.

If I go in the gym, it will

If I go in the gym, it will slow me down. I don’t go in for weights or anything like that. Each and every person is different, and this is my way, and I’m sure if someone else tried doing what I do, then it probably wouldn’t work for them.

The best present I’ve ever given someone is myself. I’ve given it to everyone.

If I’m played out of position, I’ll always give 100%, but everyone knows I would rather play down the middle.

Being in the Premier League would be a dream come true.

Jamie Vardy Quotes On Self

I pinch myself every day anyway. Everyone knows the road I have had in the game and how I have managed to get myself to where I am today.

After a Saturday game, we’re in on a Sunday to cool down and make sure we’re fully back at it again. But it doesn’t really affect things too much. It’s basically like you’ve had a game on the Saturday, and then you’re in the cup on a Tuesday.

Fitness has always been one of my strengths. I can do all the long-distance runs. When I was at school and we entered the competitions, I used to do the 100m, 200m, and the 1500m as well, so it’s never just been a pace thing.

When I was living on my own, for a footballer it’s easy to do the things that you’re not supposed to, or not what the sport science team says. For example, if there’s a packet of crisps, you’re going to eat them. The same with a packet of sweets. Go to bed at a certain time? You’re not going to if you’re on your own.

My life has changed,

My life has changed, but I’m not money-motivated at all; that’s the last thing on my mind. I just want to play football, and that’s how I’ve always been.

For Secret Santa a few years ago, I bought one of the lads I used to play with a block of cheese.

I love a good paella, so I’d love to be able to know how to cook one.

I got given a pair of Christmas socks with penguins on. They know you’re obviously not going to wear them. I think they do it just to annoy you, to be honest.

Obviously, when you’re doing fitness work at a club all week and every week, it’s all about specific drills for what you need to do on the pitch. So I’d be doing a different drill to the centre-midfielders. It’s all specifically tailored for me. For example, my drills are high speed. It’s all about trying to break the line with a sharp sprint.

My diet is not unorthodox. I just eat like anyone else – that’s just how I am. Everyone is different. It is just my metabolism that keeps me this slim.

Jamie Vardy Quotes On Tournament

If you go into a tournament thinking that you’re not going to do anything, you might as well not be there because you won’t achieve anything.

There is only one thing

There is only one thing I want to do here, and that is play football to the best of my ability. If I let things start distracting me, I’m not going to be able to do that, which will jeopardise the team as well.

Confidence is sky high, but we’re also all very grounded. We know, in football, nothing can be taken for granted.

When you are moulding 30 an hour, it takes its toll on your body. It got to the point where my back was just hanging off. It was time to say, ‘I can’t do this any more’.

You hear players in the past say that it’s just a job for them, but for me, it is nothing like that. I literally wish I could play football every day

Jamie Vardy Quotes On Good

It wasn’t nice having to work full-time. It’s a rise that I wouldn’t have predicted, but it’s a good example for younger players of what can be achieved.

On a real course, I’d probably want to throw my club in the water if I hit a duff shot. I’ll give golf a miss – it’s definitely not my sport.

When I lived in Hungerford,

When I lived in Hungerford, it was wake up 5:30 A.M., get to the van at 6 A.M. with eight other blokes, drive to Shinfield, which is in Reading, 45 minutes away. Start at 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. with two half-hour breaks and then home. Train Tuesday and Thursday and then play on Saturday.

If you’re not playing with any confidence, then you’re not going to play well at all. You’ve always got to have that inner confidence, and that comes with the goals.

When training and matches are finished, we’ll all go out and have food together; we’re always in touch with each other.

I don’t really leave the house. Literally, I train, come home, look after the kids, the dogs, my missus… then it’s time to go to bed.

You do get a chance to think about things when you’re at home, but that is when you want to relax and forget about football for a bit. Honestly, you don’t really get time to stop and think about things. We have a job to do. That is all we concentrate on, going game by game.

When I was playing for the reserves, if you got a call-up you got a straight £30. I’d never been paid for football!

People keep asking me if

People keep asking me if I’m watching our rivals’ games in the Premier League, but I’m usually on my PlayStation. If I had been watching, it would have been on an illegal stream, so I don’t even know why they are asking me.

Jamie Vardy Quotes On friend

A friend got attacked outside a nightclub just for being deaf. I stuck up for him but ended up getting in a bit of a trouble myself. I played with a tag at Stocksbridge. I had a little curfew. Luckily, it didn’t stop me playing football. Being put on a tag, I could have lost playing football again.

In the changing-room, I’m seen as one of the jokers. I like to have a laugh; there are quite a few of us. That what helps make a good atmosphere in the changing-rooms. You’ve got to have a few jokers but obviously serious when the time

Just as I am working hard to adjust to a new level, someone comes along and asks me to move up again. I’m not complaining about it; I just get on with trying to make sure I don’t let anyone down. Training with England is just a different gravy again. Movement-wise, finishing-wise, you can learn such a lot from watching the very best in action.

I like a drink and enjoy being Jack the Lad. I’ve had a few scraps and spent a night in a cell.

No one can take their place or their England shirt for granted. If I want to be in that squad, I need to keep banging in the goals to make sure I stay in the manager’s plans.

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