25+ Best Jack Nicholson Quotes & Sayings

John Joseph Nicholson is a popular American actor and filmmaker. He has been in an acting career for over 60 years. As an actor Nicholson is most known for his wide range of characters or supporting roles like comedy, romance and dark portrayals of antiheroes and psychopathic characters. Findout the best Jack Nicholson inspiring quotes collection.

Jack Nicholson Acting & Movie Quotes

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Acting is everybody’s favorite second job.

Frankly, I got into the movies because I like the movies a lot.

I wanted to be the best actor possible. I worked very hard at the craft of it.

Nicholson Popular Quotes

The minute that you're not learning I believe you're dead.

I’ll tell you one thing: Don’t ever give anybody your best advice, because they’re not going to follow it.

I’m Irish. I think about death all the time.

You can call me Joker. And as you can see, I’m a lot happier.

The minute that you’re not learning I believe you’re dead.

With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.

I always knew there wasn’t going to be anybody to help me and emotionally support me, that whatever I did I’d have to do on my own.

There’s no point dwelling on what might or could have been. You just have to go forward.

I would never want to vilify somebody who considered abortion murder. I was an illegitimate child myself. I may not have existed today.

I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.

People who speak in metaphors should shampoo my crotch.

Jack Nicholson Top Quotes

The only way to break a bad habit was to replace it with a better habit.

Men dominate because of physicality, and thus they have mercy where women do not.

I don’t think many people have a very good understanding of leisure and the importance it plays in our lives.

The only way to break a bad habit was to replace it with a better habit.

I assume most of the characters I play are exactly like me.

Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.

I’m definitely still wild at heart.

Do you think God knew what he was doing when he created woman?

I only take Viagra when I’m with more than one woman.

When we make mistakes they call it evil. When God makes mistakes they call it Nature!

Women are sort of like motorcycle gangs with me. They get really shy and polite. I don’t know why.

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