Hard Worker Quotes for Employees & Workaholics

“I’m a hard worker and I really give to my fans through my shows.” – Christina Aguilera

“I’m a hard worker. I get my hands dirty.” – Tori Amos

“Hard workers are usually honest; industry lifts them above temptation.” – Christian Nestell Bovee

My mum's from Yorkshire

“My mum’s from Yorkshire and my parents aren’t snotty or posh – they’re very hard workers, both of them.” – Sally Phillips

“She comes from the Midwest. She had me at a very young age and raised me on her own. She’s a very hard worker.” – Lara Flynn Boyle

“Leaders are hard workers. They never expect more out of the people around them than they are willing to give themselves.” – Jim George

“I love Sherlock Holmes. I’ve got all his books, leather-bound. What I thought was great about Sherlock Holmes was that not only was he a supersleuth, he was also a hard worker. Not only did he go out and solve the crimes, he came home and wrote it all down. Fantastic. That’s why I admire him.” – Steve Coogan

“I’m all about working. I’m a really hard worker, and I’m taking advantage of all those different opportunities, on the music and acting side, because I love both.” – Diego Boneta

“I don’t like to be called a symbol. And I don’t like to be called an icon. I will just say that I have to work very, very hard. So I’d rather be known as a hard worker. I don’t think symbols do much, nor icons.” – Aung San Suu Kyi

I was shy and a hard
blockquote>”I was shy and a hard worker, so acting was a way to focus whatever nervous energy I was experiencing onto a goal.” – Deborah Ann Woll

“I think acting is a gift. I look at someone like Ben Kingsley, and hes incredibly charismatic, even when hes not acting. Hes an incredibly hard worker, and he has a very specific system that he does with his work.” – Jonathan Jackson

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.” – Harry Golden

“Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.” – Byron Dorgan

“I never thought I was the most beautiful model out there or the most sexy woman, but I was a hard worker” – Carol Alt

“My dad was a hard worker, very dedicated to his family – very smart. Didn’t like to be told what to do. Kind of where I get my stuff from. One of the things that I’ve learned from my dad is – good or bad – is not to trust.” – Bubba Watson

“Any team I go to will get an extremely hard worker, someone who never wants to take a day off, loves to play the game and is dedicated to winning.” – John Wall

I was a hard worker,

“I was a hard worker, and I always knew my lines.” – Diane Cilento

“I think that among my friends I’m known as being a hard worker; I think if you want to be an actor, there can’t be any compromise. You have to work all day, every day. It’s not a 9-5 job. There’s always something to learn.” – Jeremy Irvine

“I’m not a Casanova in ‘The Newsroom,’ by the way – just another hard worker.” – Dev Patel

“You can’t deny somebody that’s a hard worker. You can’t deny somebody that just digs down as deep as they can.” – Travis Browne

“My mom was a pretty hard worker. She worked her ass off, but I’d say we were middle class. I had a car in high school, so I loved the idea that I could mimic this lifestyle.” – Reggie Watts

“I want everybody to think I’m a hard worker as an aunt, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a niece, everything. I want to be great at every role, because every role in my life is as important as being Jessie J.” – Jessie J

A reputation as a hard

“A reputation as a hard worker is a good reputation to have.” – Kevin Hart

“It feels good to finally stand on top of vanquished sloth, and actually impress some people as a hard worker.” – Guy Maddin

“I am also a hard worker and people are sometimes surprised to see that as well.” – Christina Milian

“The Big Lie makes those who toil appear to be idle, while those who speak into dictaphones appear to be the hard workers.” – Rosemary Radford Ruether

“I would describe myself as a hard worker, very humble and focused on whatever it is that I put my mind to.” – Rahki

“I’m thankful I grew up the way I did. It made me a hard worker and insightful to other people’s lives.” – Rachel Roy

I don't think I had a

“I don’t think I had a reputation as a hard worker, but inside I was always being eaten up by the pressures.” – Charles Kuralt

“My mom is a hard worker. She puts her head down and she gets it done. And she finds a way to have fun. She always says, ‘Happiness is your own responsibility.’ That’s probably what I quote from her and live by the most.” – Jennifer Garner

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