Gianluigi Buffon Quotes

Gianluigi Buffon Quotes On Character

I believe in doing the right things; that is my character and personality.

The day I quit, I want people to be sad about it.

In football, you win as

In football, you win as a group, you lose as a group; you divide the credit and the blame.

In the end, you need to be a little masochistic to be a goalkeeper. A masochist and egocentric as well.

Gianluigi Buffon Quotes On Stupid Things

The role of a goalkeeper is difficult to judge, above all if you haven’t been a goalkeeper. It’s like me giving an opinion on someone’s job without having had any experience in their sector. You start to realise how many stupid things are said and written about goalkeepers.

If I can push myself up to the 2018 World Cup, then I’ll go on. After that, I’ll close the door and stop playing football.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I think that’s normal for someone who wants to grow and develop. You will have to overcome plenty of obstacles, and it is normal that you should stumble sometimes.

My first memory of the national team is the 1982 World Cup. I remember those days at our home or at my uncle’s house, with all the family and those long dinners watching the matches. But I also remember that, during the games, I went outside or onto the balcony to play.

Gianluigi Buffon Quotes On Feelings

People don’t mind you feeling low if you are still performing. But if you’ve shared too much, and suddenly your performance dips, that’s when they start doubting you.

I have not lost an

I have not lost an awful lot in my life, but the defeats have taught me more than the victories.

Not looking for excuses is the right thing to do. I have made a lot of mistakes, and I still make mistakes, but I am not ashamed to look for the reasons behind those mistakes.

Gianluigi Buffon Quotes On On Improve

Up to 30 years old, I was carried by natural talent, combined with a good level of professionalism. But since turning 30, I’ve gained a desire to sweat in the real sense of the word, to understand where I need to improve. Competitiveness, now, is essential.

When you go somewhere and think it will be your last time there, you always appreciate the beauty of it even more and want to crystallise emotions that you will keep with you forever.

When you have the chance to play a Champions League final, you have to win it.

How do I imagine my last-ever game? Maybe I’ll go out like Zidane, headbutting someone on the pitch!

Gianluigi Buffon Quotes On Living

If I do something, I do it with the idea to get to the top – without that, I would stop living.

Often, there are fallacies when a journalist or a fan and sometimes even a coach who has never been a goalkeeper sees a cross in the six-yard box and says he should come out.

I do not need to hear

I do not need to hear how I am judged by others. I know by myself if I can be satisfied or not with my work.

I was 12 when I turned my back on my goal. And I will keep doing it as long as my legs, my head, and my heart will allow.

Gianluigi Buffon Quotes On Giving

I took what I’ve been given, and I got where I did on the basis of something that is often undervalued – merit.

To the fans, it does not matter a damn how you are. You are seen as the footballer, the idol, so no one thinks to stop and ask you, ‘Hey, how are you?’

Don’t be a keeper.

Messi is an alien that dedicates himself to playing with humans.

Whenever I lose, I focus on the ability of my opponent and on the mistakes I made.

Maybe I’m the only footballer who isn’t interested in cars. My Lancia Y gets me around.

Every kid thinks about scoring rather than not conceding.

Even if I were offered

Even if I were offered twice my salary elsewhere, I would stay at Juve. Doing so would make me proud, as it is a worthy thing to do.

I do not take to the field to defend myself from certain criticisms. If I do, in this kind of career, it is because I’m very self-critical.

In this job, you accept criticism and give answers on the field.

I don’t give advice, because I always made my own mistakes and would only be adding further chaos to the situation.

Gianluigi Buffon Quotes On Life

I have not lost an awful lot in my life, but the defeats have taught me more than the victories. Whenever I lose, I focus on the ability of my opponent and on the mistakes I made.

More than anything else, I’m a very calm person in the sense that I don’t worry about the future and what my life could be. I just have to face it, and I’ll face it with enthusiasm as well as the desire and curiosity to test myself.

I went through a lot of changes and a period of depression. I’d reached an age when I had to grow up and start taking life a bit more seriously, which had a huge impact on me. I suffered terrible anxiety, and sometimes, in the middle of a game, my legs would start shaking uncontrollably. It was pretty scary.

I have a wealth of experience,

I have a wealth of experience, but I do not want to coach. I rather like the role of recruiter.

The pitch is the most beautiful part of the game; it gives you emotions which bring meaning to life.

In my opinion, there are fewer and fewer great goalkeepers because, with respect to when I started, they have to do so much more compared with in the past.

I thought psychologists were people who rob, figuratively of course, money from the insecure. But they are not. They are people who are there to help you, and if you find a good psychologist, they will allow you to talk about everything and open up, without the slightest of fears, and that is no easy thing.

It’s fine to admit being nervous – after the event. But if you tell people you’re uptight before the game, it can be like, ‘That guy’s got problems. We can’t trust him.’

Gianluigi Buffon Quotes On Time

Everyone gets scared from time to time. It’s totally normal, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

There is certainly a future for Italian football, as we have pride, ability, determination, and after bad tumbles, we always find a way to get back on our feet.

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