Youngest Boxer to Win Heavyweight Title Floyd Patterson Quotes

Inspirational Quotes by famous boxer Floyd Patterson who became the youngest boxer to win the title at the age of 21.

Floyd Patterson Popular Quotes

Floyd Patterson Popular Quotes

  • When you have millions of dollars, you have millions of friends.
  • Fear was absolutely necessary. Without it, I would have been scared to death.
  • It’s easy to do anything in victory. It’s in defeat that a man reveals himself.
  • I’ve learned so much, so very much about myself in defeat. I’ve learned very little to nothing in victory.
  • For if you train hard and responsibly your confidence surges to a maximum

Floyd Patterson Quotes on Fighting

Floyd Patterson Quotes on Fighting

  • The fighter loses more than his pride in the fight; he loses part of his future. He’s a step closer to the slum he came from.
  • You get into serious trouble when – during a heated exchange – the mind starts to ask questions about your behavior prior to the fight. That’s why many times we see a fighter doing quite well in the ring, hitting the other guy almost at will and suddenly, after a couple of rounds of failing to put his rival down or out, he starts to think about the wrong things he did during training.
  • There is so much hate among people, so much contempt inside people who’d like you to think they’re moral, that they have to hire prizefighters to do their hating for them. And we do. We get into a ring and act out other people’s hates.

Floyd Patterson Quotes on Champion & Boxing

Floyd Patterson Quotes on Champion & Boxing

  • I’ve been knocked down more than any heavyweight champion in history.
  • Cassius Clay must be beaten and the Black Muslims’ scourge removed from boxing.

Floyd Patterson Famous Quotes

  • I always say that in order to appreciate warm weather, you must experience cold. I wouldn’t change one thing – all the embarrassing moments, the defeats, all of everything – through all of this, I have learned me.
  • Clay is so young and has been misled by the wrong people… He might as well have joined the Ku Klux Klan.
  • A prizefighter who gets knocked out or is badly outclassed suffers in a way he will never forget.
  • What I expect from the police department is an adequate and timely response to keep the streets orderly and safe. Whatever resources they need to do that is up to them
  • I could never be with a woman during training. Because my knees would get very weak. My opinion is based on personal experience.
  • It’s not so bad for politicians and Pulitzer Prize poets and certain intellectuals in this country to sign petitions and speak out against the war in Vietnam, but when Cassius Clay did it he paid a heavy price for Freedom of Speech.


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