Executive Chairman of Alphabet Eric Schmidt Quotes

Find the famous quotes collection by American software engineer Eric Schmidt who is an Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc.

Eric Schmidt Google Quotes

  • We want to make sure the thing you’re looking for is on Google 100 percent of the time.
  • Google is very much a not-invented-here, build-it-ourselves culture.
  • Google Maps are phenomenal. Yep, ask an Apple user.
  • Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions.
  • Google is more than a business. Google is a belief system. And we believe passionately in the open Internet model.
  • By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded.
  • I actually think most people don’t want Google to answer their questions. They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next.
  • The more broadband we can get globally, the better. It’s better for the world; it’s better for our advertisers; it’s better for Google.

Eric Schmidt Famous Quotes

  • Do not be afraid to fail, but also, do not be afraid to succeed.
  • The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best.
  • In a networked world, trust is the most important currency.
  • We run the company by questions, not by answers.
  • A mind set in its ways is wasted. Don’t do it.
  • The solution to government surveillance is to encrypt everything,
  • If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.
  • There were 5 Exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every 2 days.
  • Just remember when you post something, the computers remember forever
  • If you forgo your plan, you also have to forgo fear.
  • Amazon has well passed any expectations of its ability to change distribution and marketing.
  • Technology is always evolving, and companies.. not just search companies.. can’t be afraid to take advantage of change.
  • The Internet of things will augment your brain.
  • Technology will move faster than governments, so don’t legislate before you understand the consequences
  • Android is ahead of the iPhone now
  • The best thing that would happen is for Facebook to open up its data. Failing that, there are other ways to get that information
  • Ultimately, in the Internet, openness has always won. I cannot imagine that the current competitive environment would reverse that.
  • Every 2 days we create as much information as we did up to 2003.
  • Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.

Eric Schmidt Popular Quotes

  • The Internet is fast becoming a cesspool where false information thrives.
  • There clearly are cases where evil people exist, but you don’t have to violate the privacy of every single citizen of America to find them.
  • We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about
  • Show us 14 photos of yourself and we can identify who you are;
  • I spend most of my time assuming the world is not ready for the technology revolution that will be happening to them soon,
  • Mobile is the future and there’s no such thing as communication overload
  • It’s a bug that cars were invented before computers.
  • The self driving car is not self-aware. It’s just driving; it’s not thinking.
  • If you have a child, you’ll notice they have two states: asleep or online
  • The average American doesnt realize how much of the laws are written by lobbyists.
  • Twitter can no more produce analysis than a monkey can type out a work of Shakespeare.
  • One person’s definition of evil is another person’s different definition.
  • In a world where everything is remembered and everything is kept forever, you need to live for the future and things you really care about.
  • The biggest mistake that I made was not anticipating the rise of the social networking phenomenon
  • The lack of a delete button on the internet is a significant issue,
  • People are surprised to find out that an awful lot of people think that they’re idiots.
  • In general in technology, if you own a platform that’s valuable, you can monetize it.

Eric Schmidt Top Quotes

  • People are good at intuition, living our lives. What are computers good at? Memory.
  • Washington is an incumbent protection machine. Technology is fundamentally disruptive.
  • I used to say that you’ll have 10 IP address on your body… and it looks like that’s going to happen through medical monitoring.
  • I think I could argue that the press has more impact on politics than corporations.
  • I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time.
  • People are building communities of people who use video. They’re sharing them. YouTube’s traffic continues to grow very quickly.
  • The Internet is really about highly specialized information, highly specialized targeting.
  • You have to fight for your privacy or you lose it.
  • The computing world is very good at things that we are not. It is very good at memory.
  • We’re about to see an acceleration in technological platforms that, for marketers, will be on a scale rivalled only by the arrival of color TV.
  • In many countries adult pornography legislation is an attempt to legislate something else.
  • Each country makes a different decision on adult pornography, but the good news is that even governments you hate, hate child pornography.
  • If you’re going to make a law, make a law that actually works. It’s extraordinarily difficult.

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