Owner of the Schwarz Gruppe Dieter Schwarz Quotes & Sayings

Amazing quotes by successful chairman and CEO of the supermarket chain Lidl Dieter Schwarz.

  • Number one: we want Lidl to get stronger in existing markets. Number two: we will expand to new countries. Number three: we will fundamentally overhaul Kaufland.
  • These freedoms that I currently enjoy will no longer exist to this degree. I am beyond my sell-by date as concerns the extent of my powers and areas of competence.
  • Painting pictures is simply the official, the daily work, the profession, and in the case of the watercolours I can sooner afford to follow my mood, my spirits.
  • Most of the watercolours carry a date which replaces the title but which does not necessarily correspond to the date of production.
    The year is always correct, also the month, only the day can be another. But that occurs to me only in the moment of writing it down.
  • Was the watercolour regarded as inferior?
    It didn’t belong to the classic course of study. One drew with charcoal and pencil; afterwards one painted in oil – smaller oil sketches, larger oil studies, finally the oil paintings themselves.

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