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Diego Godín Quotes On Winning

The line between winning and losing is very thin, and wins give you prestige, stability, and continuity.

There are people, coaches, and players who fit in certain places. All players don’t fit into all teams, and not every manager can manage every team.

In Uruguay, we are

In Uruguay, we are competitive; that’s part of our character.

I do not hate them or anything. I have a lot of respect for Real Madrid, but I always want to beat them.

When it gets to the knockout stages of Europe, we all know anything can happen.

So much success from set pieces comes from practice. Maybe fans see a well-worked free-kick and think it looks good, but to get that, there has been hours of work that nobody has seen on the training ground.

Diego Godín Quotes On Players

To see a small, modest team built on hard work, where the players are so close, so together, win week after week, stay up there and play so well, when they’re so consistent and they win the league, that makes people take them to their hearts.

Scoring goals is nice,

Scoring goals is nice, but what matters are results.

I’ve got some wonderful memories of the 2011 Copa America. It was a very special tournament.

Me, a teacher? No way!

There is no magic formula for stopping Messi.

On a personal note, reaching the World Cup would be something that no one could ever take away from me.

I owe a lot to Atletico,

I owe a lot to Atletico, and I cannot say that I would like to play for another team.

I will give 100 per cent and play with my life in every game. That’s one of my main features as a player.

Messi is one of the best in the world.

The mentality is always to win.

Diego Godín Quotes On Football

It’s true that football is a job, and one works to earn money, but when there are so many feelings involved, it’s hard to change clubs just to earn a bit more cash. I respect every player and their decisions, but that’s my feeling.

We always try to correct

We always try to correct what we did wrong; you can always learn something when you lose.

Uruguayans are competitive, and we always want to win. Even though we try to hide it, it is impossible.

The ‘garra charrua’ is something we’re proud of, even if other people sometimes misunderstand it.

I always try and give a good example to children who follow me.

I had many ups and downs at Atletico, achieving the best and the worst.

Football is very changeable,

Football is very changeable, particularly at international level when you’re not working together every day.

I was taught to be respectful and humble as a boy, and especially not arrogant.

I always like to grow, and I recognise that the Yellow Submarine have helped me.

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