David Luiz Quotes

David Luiz Quotes On Life

“Never ask for approval in your work. Life is your own, inspiration is your own, you create alone, and the results are your own – and that’s good enough.”

“An ego should be like a warm breeze, never seen, just mildly sensed.”

Everything in life belongs

“Everything in life belongs to God. Our purpose has already been mapped out.”

“If you have used colour throughout most of your artistic life, try just black and white… it will take your painting to another dimension where tone and form in all its permutations reign supreme.”

David Luiz Quotes On Happy

“If you are happy, you are a geezer.”

“History reveals that left-brain people have been creating art for a long time now.”

“The process of painting offers an infinite array of possibilities. The closer in unification to just one of those, the better the painting becomes.”

I just wanted to see my

“I just wanted to see my people smile. Brazillian people suffer so much. I just wanted them to smile”

“Sometimes it is best to burn paintings that just don’t burn.”

“The foundation is in place, and now we have to get to work.”

David Luiz Quotes On Genius

“The mark of genius is consistency. Do we hear of naive genius piano players? If anyone knows of one, try listening to it for an hour.”

“Twenty years ago the computer was a babbling box. Now it is a boasting beast.”

“To be born with a unique instinct, will demand ‘unique duties’. If you didn’t think about being an artist before 7 years of age you probably don’t have it and you will be able to paint what you want to paint.”

It seems strange that

“It seems strange that some artists fear a blank canvas, when it has been a major contributory factor to great paintings.”

“By creating instinctively in auto mode we can uncover our true motives, our creative drive.”

“Painting is a means of saying something about one’s self in a beautiful or powerful way that people would like to see, but not hear.”

“If the US is the country that most contributes with greenhouse gases, in the world, it should assume more responsibility to reduce emissions”

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