Clint Eastwood Quotes

“I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“One day we will look back and realize that the Barack Obama Presidency was the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.” ~ Clint Eastwood

Respect your efforts, respect

“That’s one of the actor’s secrets: With everything you do, learn something new about yourself.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!” ~ Clint Eastwood

“If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.” ~ Clint Eastwood

If you want a guarantee,

“When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher knife and a hard-on, I figure he isn’t out collecting for the Red Cross.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“A lot of people are realizing they had the wool pulled over their eyes by Obama.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“I believe in my gut. Most people intellectualize their instincts away, but when you feel something, you have to go for it. A Fistful of Dollars was a great instinct for me, because here I was, a guy who’s doing Rawhide.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“There’s a rebel lying deep in my soul. Anytime anybody tells me the trend is such and such, I go the opposite direction. I hate the idea of trends. I hate imitation; I have a reverence for individuality.” ~ Clint Eastwood

There's a rebel lying deep

“Libertarian: everyone leaves everyone else alone” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Michael Moore and I actually have a lot in common. We both appreciate living in a country where there’s free expression. But Michael, if you ever show up at my front door with a camera, I’ll kill you. I mean it.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“You see, in this world, there’s two kinds of people, my friend – those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Directing is more like you’re being a psychologist and you’re kind of analyzing the situation and evaluating each person for their idiosyncrasies.” ~ Clint Eastwood

Directing is more like

“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“When you’re young, you’re very reckless. Then you get conservative. Then you get reckless again.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“I’m trying to preach the idea that if we don’t pay attention to history we’re destined to repeat it.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“First, I blow a hole in your face; then I go back inside, and sleep like a baby… I guarantee you.” ~ Clint Eastwood

First, I blow a hole in your

“I’ve taken advantage of a few breaks that came along and moved along with them.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Plagiarism is always the biggest thing in Hollywood.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“I know what you’re thinking ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?” ~ Clint Eastwood

“My father had a couple of kids at the beginning of the Depression. There was not much employment. Not much welfare. People barely got by. People were tougher then.” ~ Clint Eastwood

My father had a couple

“Once a man has some money, peace begins to sound good to him.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Great stories teach you something. That’s one reason I haven’t slipped into some sort of retirement: I always feel like I’m learning something new.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Writing is a creative art form and the acting and directing is more of an interpretive art form.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“I’m anti – the pussy generation. Not to be confused with pussy.” ~ Clint Eastwood

I'm anti - the pussy generation.

“I’ve got to learn French because I’ve been going there for years and still, the only words I know are the swear words.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“You have to be realistic about where you are in life and enjoy it.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Politicians have to make unpopular decisions. Schwarzenegger is going to understand the nature of his job. I wish him good luck, he’s going to need it. It’s going to be difficult for him.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“I’m so glad for the dozens of times I haven’t listened along the way.” ~ Clint Eastwood

I'm so glad for the dozens

“Pose? I don’t pose. What am I? Paris Hilton or something?” ~ Clint Eastwood

“I could be the driver – the Uber guy saying, “I used to be in films years ago… .”” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Nobody wants to make something that displeases people, but once you make a film, that’s out of your control and you can’t think about that. You just have to follow your head and make sure that you’re satisfied by putting down what you intended.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“I pay tribute to the writing always. The writer is a creative artist and the director is an interpretive artist and the actors are interpretive. You take zero and make it into something, that’s always amazing to me.” ~ Clint Eastwood

I pay tribute to the writing

“When anybody gives you an award, it could be wrong. You’ve just got to bear that it mind and go ahead and enjoy it. Like Morgan [Freeman] says, it’s a pat on the back, so great you’ll take it and then move on.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Keep your eyes on the horizon and your nose to the wind.” ~ Clint Eastwood

“Everything that you do is a challenge. And acting is just building up your concentration and being able to listen and to do the ridiculous.” ~ Clint Eastwood

Everything that you do is

“I don’t wanna need you because I can’t have you.” ~ Clint Eastwood

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