First African American World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jack Johnson Quotes

Find the amazing collection of quotes by most notorious African-American on Earth for more than thirteen years.

Jack Johnson Popular Quotes

  • A lot of people spend their time just floating. We were victims together but lonely.
  • People don’t know anything about themselves because they’re all worried about everybody else.
  • We’ve got everything we need right here, and everything we need is enough.
  • The wisdom’s in the trees not the glass windows.
  • you don’t always have to hold your head higher than your heart
  • It’s as simple as something that nobody knows.

Jack Johnson Quotes on Fighting

  • Most importantly fighters in my day knew the most important art in boxing – feinting.
  • The fight between life and death is to the finish, and death ultimately is the victor . . . I do not deplore the passing of these crude old days.
  • I never doubted the issue from the beginning. I knew I was too good for Burns. I have forgotten more about fighting than Burns ever knew.
  • I won from Mr. Jeffries because I outclassed him in every department of the fighting game. Before I entered the ring I was certain I would be the victor. I never changed my mind at any time.
  • Some fighter’s waist a lot of their energy. Wait for your opportunity and when it comes, avail yourself of it. The idea of boring in and throwing punches helter skelter without reason doesn’t amount to a row of pins. Every time you miss a swing it is worse than being hit.
  • The bitter attacks I faced were far worse than any fighter I ever faced in the ring. The caustic remarks, the threats to injure me, the shots at my character-fighting those were my toughest battle.

Jack Johnson Quotes on Change

  • an individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change.
  • You’re so busy changing the world. Just one smile can change all of mine.

Jack Johnson Quotes on Dreams

  • Don’t let your dreams be dreams.
  • Our dreams are made of real things, like a shoebox full of photographs.
  • Dreams are like commercials, but her dreams are picture perfect…

Jack Johnson Quotes on Love & Life

  • love’s just a waste of energy and life’s just a waste of time so why don’t we get together we could waste everything tonight
  • If it seems like you are playing around and not practicing, that’s when you know you really love it.
  • Love is the answer At least for most of the questions in my heart Why are we here and where do we go And how come it’s so hard
  • I want to turn the whole thing upside down I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found I’ll share the love I find with everyone We’ll sing and dance to Mother Nature’s song I don’t want this feeling to go away.
  • The possession of muscular strength and the courage to use it in contests with other men for physical supremacy does not necessarily imply a lack of appreciation for the finer and better things of life

Jack Johnson Motivational Quotes

  • If I had eyes in the back of my head, I would have told you you looked good as I walked away.
  • Why are white women so attracted to black men? We eat cold eels and think distant thoughts
  • Who told you I was yellow? You’re white Tommy — white as the flag of surrender!
  • For every point I’m given, I’ll have earned two, because I’m a Negro.
  • I made a lot of mistakes out of the ring, but I never made any in it.
  • The words are all around but the words are only sounds and no one ever seems to listen.

Jack Johnson Famous Quotes

  • I would turn on the TV, but its so embarassing.
  • Trouble travels fast / When you’re specially designed for crash testing / Or wearing wool sunglasses in the afternoon.
  • The light was leaving in the west it was blue The children’s laughter sang and skipping just like the stones they threw the voices echoed across the way its getting late It was just another night with the sun set and the moon rise not so far behind to give us just enough light to lay down underneath the stars listen to papas translations of the stories across the sky we drew our own constellations
  • A lot of people spend their time just floating/ We were victims together but lonely.
  • Can’t you see that it’s just raining? There ain’t no need to go outside.
  • When you move like a jellyfish rhyth don’t mean nothing. You go with the flow, you don’t stop. Move like a jellyfish, rhythm means nothing.You go with the flow you don’t stop.

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