Bingbing Fan Quotes

“I am a very frank person and that’s how I hope to remain. I don’t like to pretend to be polite. What you see is what you get.”

I have nothing to explain.

“I have nothing to explain. As for being misunderstood, I have grown accustomed to that.”

“There is a time for everything and you do different things at different ages.”

“I never touch coffee or other caffeinated drinks.”

If I am unhappy, I can

“If I am unhappy, I can write “damn it” in my personal diary, but I can’t do that on a microblog so I might as well not start one.”

“Microblogs are yet another form of public display, but I would rather be true to myself.”

“I use facial masks diligently. I use at least two a day – one for moisturizing and one for whitening. I think I go through at least 600 sheets of facial masks every year.”

I always carry lip balm and

“I always carry lip balm and lipstick. Lipstick is a very important beauty product because I find that lips are the most beautiful feature of anyone’s face.”

“I fell in love with dressing myself up.”

“I carry an umbrella when I am outdoors and always wear sunscreen, even when I am sitting in front of a computer screen!”

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