Antoine Griezmann Quotes

Antoine Griezmann Quotes On Hard work

With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything.

Every training session, I work hard to improve my weaknesses and build on my strengths.

We've lived through some

We’ve lived through some extraordinary moments, and the saddest moments as well. We have to learn.

Winning titles, that’s what I’m looking for.

Antoine Griezmann Quotes On Life

If I am happy in my personal life, I will be happy in my profession.

In 90 minutes, anything can happen.

I always demand intensity in training. That’s my style, and I like it. Antoine Griezmann

My goal is always to improve what has been done the previous season and also collectively seek to do better than the year past. Antoine Griezmann

I try to be the best and

I try to be the best and give the maximum so that people can say I’m among the top players.

Antoine Griezmann Quotes On Winning

Playing a final is great, but it’s winning it that counts. Antoine Griezmann

The Ballon d’Or? It’s up to the journalists to vote. I do not go to bed every night thinking about it. I just try to do my best and score as many goals as possible.

People might talk more about Real Madrid and Barcelona than about Atletico, but what matters to me is what happens on the pitch. We compete with them year after year. I am not interested about the club’s reputation.

The Ballon d’Or is one of my objectives, but it will be complicated so long as Ronaldo and Messi are around.

I don’t want them to compare me to one or the other – I want people to know me for being Griezmann.

I prefer games with

I prefer games with many goals.

Many clubs rejected me, but I wanted to be a footballer and to learn as quickly as possible, so I persisted until I got into Real Sociedad when I was 13.

My objective is to be among the best.

I work every day to improve and reach my top.

I’m very happy at Atletico. I’m very proud to play for these fans, with these players, and with this coach. I want to try and pay back the confidence and care that the people at Atletico have always shown me.

The United States is where I want to finish. I love the States. I want to have a subscription to NBA and go with my children to every game. I can already see myself there. I do not yet know the city, but why not play for Beckham’s franchise in Miami? Playing under Beckham would be the best.

I always play with long sleeves because Beckham always did it. He is my idol. He had a lot of class both on the pitch and outside. Nobody had his right foot. I would love to speak with him, but in Spanish because I don’t speak English.

Antoine Griezmann Quotes On Football

I was just a kid who had

I was just a kid who had arrived in the world of professional football and thought he could do anything he wanted. But I have learned from my mistakes. I have done everything to change, both on and off the pitch.

The more matches I play, the better I feel on the pitch.

At Atletico, I’ve improved at the highest level, and in the Champions League, I’ve turned a corner.

When I’m close to the penalty area, that’s where I feel more comfortable.

Even before the season starts, the fans look at the dates for the Madrid derbies. They all want to be there; they’re big games.

Speed isn’t everything, but he’d be a great striker at Atletico. Usain Bolt would be perfect for our game. Me behind and him up front. The best!

Antoine Griezmann Quotes On Feelings

I do not feel like I am on par with Messi and Ronaldo yet. I need to win trophies to match them. I try to help my team and country as good as possible to do just that.

I felt really proud when Simeone said I am destined to reach the level of Messi and Ronaldo. I always want to give my all for him. He motivates me.

Scoring goals is nice, but I’m nowhere near Platini. I hope I can get closer to him.

I feel great at Real Sociedad. It is a second family for me.

It is the best thing to have

It is the best thing to have great games, and the tiredness matters little.

When I started watching matches, it was those of Marseille. After that, it was Lyon. I went to see them all the time in the league or the Champions League with my dad.

I’m so good at Atletico. Honestly, I don’t see myself leaving.

If one day I came to Ligue 1, it would be to Lyon or Marseille.

I’ve never liked losing, ever since I was a boy in Macon, my hometown. I couldn’t watch other teams lifting trophies.

There are a lot of bad people in football, and players can be afraid to go to stadiums and get abused.

I always ask Paul Pogba about Manchester United. I think they are a huge club with a really good infrastructure.

I like PSG, but not Ligue 1.

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