Chairman of Inditex Fashion Group Amancio Ortega Best Quotes & Sayings

Find ultimate collection of quotes by Amancio Ortega Gaona who is well known for the chain of Zara clothing and accessories.

Amancio Ortega Quotes on Success

Die of success? Give me a break; we’ve only just started!

The problem of succession in businesses anywhere in the world arises from the fact that not all legal heirs are suitable

The success of your business is based in principle on the idea of offering the latest fashions at low prices, in turn creating a formula for cutting costs: an integrated business in which it is manufactured, distributed and sold

Amancio Ortega Quotes on Work

I’ll keep working until the end

In the street, I only want to be recognized by my family, my friends and people I work with

The motivation of almost 90,000 individuals working towards a single objective…

Amancio Ortega Quotes on Innovation

One thing hasn’t changed – the innovative spirit and urge for improvement that was the driving force back then

The desire for innovation and constant improvement with which we began this project 36 years ago is the motivating idea which has guided us up to the present time. Now we have the privilege of seeing how this original idea, from which many others, with an open and creative mind, have emerged and continue to emerge, has converted itself into the Inditex Group

Amancio Ortega Quotes on Business

I am the property of my business, not the reverse

The customer has always driven the business model…

Companies are comprised of human beings without the effort, professionalisms and motivation of whom no achievement could be made

Amancio Ortega Famous Quotes

We cannot limit ourselves to continuing on the path we have already opened…

You must appear three times in the newspapers: when you are born, when you get married, and when you die

Attempt to seduce the customer with the latest fashion, the finest design, and the most attentive service

Store employees have the best understanding of… customer tastes…

Amancio Ortega Top Quotes

The future will be marked by the result of combining the flow of accumulated experience with the youth of those who, day by day, join the Group, and these ingredients are going to make it possible for us to continue to this great project forward with the confidence of the first day.

We must be aware that the experience we have gained is not enough to guarantee our leadership. We must also be faithful to the commitment to effort and improvement which inspires our company.

More than 12,000 people from many different countries currently make up our group. This diversity is synonymous with open-mindedness and flexibility, and pushes us to continue evolving, with enthusiasm and perseverance, towards new projects.

The creation of new chains and the widening of our product ranges is our response to the new opportunities of the environment.

The future of Inditex is tied to our capacity to respond day by day to the demands of the market and to design and set in motion new projects which are capable of connecting with the desires of our clients around the world.

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