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I try to always stretch myself to fit the characters that have been presented.

I was never an ingenue.

I was never an ingenue. I’ve always just been a character actor. When I was younger, it was a real problem, because I was never pretty enough. It was hard, not just for the lack of work, but because you have to face up to how people are looking at you.

Because I’m a woman, because I’m a character actress, because I’m over 40, I’ll be very interested to see, not just for me but for other actresses, how Hollywood treats us in the next ten, fifteen years. I’m hoping that it’s not going to be so easy to shove people under the rug, as they have in the past.

The problem I have these days is that women are often cast in a role – as a police officer, for example – and then are invariably perceived by the other characters as succeeding in a man’s job, as if they’re doing it in spite of being women.

I have no idea and I think Steven King strongest suit is the characters that he does create, all in the same area where he lives. The way he describes them is one of his fortes and it boggles my mind how he’s able to do that and to create so many. It must be thousands by now.

I love everything. I love being the empathetic characters. I love being the villains. I think it’s like when we’re kids, we like to play all kinds of crazy characters and dress up.

I look for a role that hopefully I feel empathy with and that I can understand and love, but also that has that challenge for me to play – a different kind of role, a different type of character, a different time period.

kathy bates Quotes On Horror

 My 14-year-old grandniece is not allowed to watch ‘American Horror Story’ yet.

I'm a horror movie fan

I’m a horror movie fan to begin with, so to come back to the genre, I feel like horror has been very good to me.

A lot of guys come up talking about The Waterboy. I get a lot of that. Misery, Delores Claiborne and The Waterboy, those are the main ones I get.

You hope that the same people are coming back. I love playing with Angela [Bassett]. She’s fierce. I met her years and years ago when she was a student at Yale, so to see her do these fierce roles and go on to [be] this powerhouse has just been awesome.

I heard I’m going to have scenes with Lady Gaga so I’m hoping it’s true. I know of one scene I have.

I ran into Stephen King once in New York a few years ago and outside the Carlyle and he said, “You’re in the pink.” Which sounded so Stephen King. He’s doing well I think after his accident and all of that, years and years ago.

I was a Stephen King fan and I was amazed that I got the chance to play that role and very glad that I did.

I read Stephen King a lot and I’ve actually played two roles. Delores Claiborne is my favorite, I think, of any film that I’ve done.

The relationship to the director is becoming more crucial to me, making sure there are some common goals. I haven’t been in the kind of position where my roles have been chosen for me, where someone says, “First we’ll do this and then we’ll do this,” and it’s all part of some master plan.

I want to see women onscreen the way I see them in society.

O.K., we had women’s lib in the ’60s, the women fought for their roles, they’re out there in the work force. Now let’s talk about how they’re dealing with things as human beings.

There are a lot of powerful women in Hollywood who have been movie stars for a long time who are getting into their forties and fifties. I still want to see them work.

I didn’t go out on one date in high school. I played guitar and sang and wrote my own music and poetry and stuff when I was a teenager.

I can sit here on the couch

I can sit here on the couch and hear you say, “You’re very feminine and very attractive,” but I have always struggled with that.

I find it safer to pursue the powerful, the ugly, the unpleasant.

I’ve always tried to be honest, and it would be too difficult for me to develop some kind of persona. I don’t have enough time or energy for that.

“A heart can only discover what it really wants with experience.” – Kathy Bates

I went from years of honing my craft to sudden recognition. It was quite a life changer.

My mother used to tell this corny story about how the doctor smacked me on the behind when I was born and I thought it was applause, and I have been looking for it ever since.

And people are always

And people are always saying: ‘Well, you go to Hollywood and you get yourself a film career or a TV series, and then you can do anything you want. Because then you’ve got the clout.’ That had always sounded like a lot of hooey to me, but now I think it’s true, unfortunately.

For a long time I did not want to do television because I did not want to get stuck playing the same person. I wanted the ongoing challenge of a variety of roles.

I want to be defined by my own essence.

I see my sisters, my mother, my grandmother. I like the way I look. I think I have a nice face. I like my eyes, my mouth. I have a good nose. I have good skin.

I have always had a problem with my weight.

I read Stephen King

I read Stephen King a lot and I’ve actually played two roles. Delores Claiborne is my favorite, I think, of any film that I’ve done.

I have to pay the bills just like everybody else, but it also pays my soul to work.

We all love to hear a good story. We save our stories in books. We save our books in libraries. Libraries are the storyhouses full of all those stories and secrets.

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