Clark Gable Quotes

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” – Clark Gable

“I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee.” – Clark Gable

I never laugh until I've

“Honey, we all got to go sometime, reason or no reason. Dying’s as natural as living. The man who’s too afraid to die is too afraid to live.” – Clark Gable

“I am intrigued by glamorous women A vain woman is continually taking out a compact to repair her makeup. A glamorous woman knows she doesn’t need to.” – Clark Gable

“I am intrigued by glamorous women A vain woman is continually taking out a compact to repair her makeup. A glamorous woman knows she doesn’t need to.” – Clark Gable

“It is an extra dividend when you like the girl you’ve fallen in love with.” – Clark Gable

It is an extra dividend when

“Hell, if I’d jumped on all the dames I’m supposed to have jumped on, I’d have had no time to go fishing.” – Clark Gable

“When you smile it’s like the sun coming up.” – Clark Gable

“The things a man has to have are hope and confidence in himself against odds… And he must be ready to choose death before dishonor without making too much song and dance about it.” – Clark Gable

The things a man has to have

“The only reason they come to see me is that I know that life is great – and they know I know it.” – Clark Gable

“I’m just a lucky slob from Ohio who happened to be in the right place at the right time.” – Clark Gable

“Types really don’t matter. I have been accused of preferring blondes. But I have known some mighty attractive redheads, brunettes, and yes, women with grey hair. Age, height, weight haven’t anything to do with glamour.” – Clark Gable

“I’m no actor and I never have been. What people see on the screen is me.” – Clark Gable

I'm no actor and I never

“Marilyn is a kind of ultimate. She is uniquely feminine. Everything she does is different, strange, and exciting, from the way she talks to the way she uses that magnificent torso. She makes a man proud to be a man.” – Clark Gable

“I don’t discuss women at all with anyone. There are good qualities in all women. Some may be lacking in some of these qualities and should have them. I’m liable to say so and hurt their feelings, and it wouldn’t be meant that way at all.” – Clark Gable

“I bring to a role everything I am, was and hope to be.” – Clark Gable

“I thought a thread of notable quotes relating to coffee may be interesting.” – Clark Gable

“It’s a chain of accidents. When you step into Hollywood, you wind yourself into thousands of chains of accidents. If all of the thousands happen to come out exactly right-and the chance of that figures out to be one in eight million-then you’ll be a star.” – Clark Gable

It's a chain of accidents. When

“This power that I’m supposed to have over women was never noticed when I was a stage actor on Broadway. I don’t know when I got it. And by God, I can’t explain it.” – Clark Gable

“Only interested in himself and profiting from the war as an unscrupulous entrepreneur, and not in being a patriot: “I believe in Rhett Butler. He’s the only cause I know. The rest doesn’t mean much to me.”” – Clark Gable

“I hate a liar. Maybe because I’m such a good one myself, heh? Anyway, to find someone has told an out and out lie puts him on the other side of the fence from me for all time.” – Clark Gable

I hate a liar. Maybe because

“I never did like the idea of sitting on newspapers. I did it once, and all the headlines came off on my white pants. On the level! It actually happened. Nobody bought a paper that day. They just followed me around over town and read the news on the seat of my pants.” – Clark Gable

“Disagreeing with the fervent patriotism of the Confederates: “I think it’s hard winning a war with words, gentlemen. . . . I’m saying very plainly that the Yankees are better equipped than we. . . . All we’ve got is cotton and slaves, and arrogance.” “I seem to be spoiling everybody’s brandy and cigars and dreams of victory.”” – Clark Gable

“Working with Marilyn Monroe on The Misfits (1961) nearly gave me a heart attack. I have never been happier when a film ended.” – Clark Gable

Working with Marilyn Monroe

“Clark Gable was the only real he-man I’ve ever known, of all the actors I’ve met.” – Clark Gable

“Single men never have any problems. I suppose that the public builds some kind of idea from what they’ve seen of me on the screen.” – Clark Gable

“They see me as an ordinary guy, like a construction worker or the guy who delivers your piano” – Clark Gable

They see me as an ordinary

“When the public doesn’t want me any longer, I’ll quit.” – Clark Gable

“Every picture I make, every experience of my private life, every lesson I learn are the keys to my future. And I have faith in it.” – Clark Gable

Every picture I make, every

“If any child of mine becomes an actor I will turn in my grave.” – Clark Gable

“I don’t want a lot of strangers looking down at my wrinkles and my big fat belly when I’m dead.” – Clark Gable

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