George C. Scott Quotes

“The (Academy Award) ceremonies are a two-hour meat parade, a public display with contrived suspense for economic reasons.” – George C. Scott

“If I were ever stranded on a desert island, there would be 3 things I’d need: food, shelter, and a grip.” – George C. Scott

If I were ever stranded on

“Truth is not always a pleasant thing.” – George C. Scott

“I think you have to be schizoid three different ways to be an actor … You have to be a human being. Then you have to be the character you’re playing. And on top of that you’ve got to be the guy sitting out there in Row 10, watching yourself and judging yourself. That’s why most of us are crazy to start with, or go nuts once we get into it.” – George C. Scott

I think you have to be schizoid

“I’m really a pussycat and this [bad-boy] image has been totally overblown for 30 years. Sure, I used to rumble a little but I don’t do that stuff anymore. I’m an old man now. When you reach your 50s, you realise that if you don’t mellow, you won’t last.” – George C. Scott

I'm really a pussycat and

“I became an actor to escape my own personality. Acting is the most therapeutic thing in the world. You see, through acting you come full circle in your personality and, oh, what a grand time you can have along the way being wonderful people through your characters…I think all the courage that I may lack personally I have as an actor.” – George C. Scott

I became an actor to escape

“Acting is characterization, the process of two entities merging-the actor and the role.” – George C. Scott

“There is no question you get pumped up by the recognition. Then a self-loathing sets in when you realise you’re enjoying it.” – George C. Scott

There is no question you

“He had a winning smile, but everything else was a loser.” – George C. Scott

“There were times when I got frightened. Things weren’t going right, so I just went out and got smashed. That’s me. Something goes wrong, I find a bottle. I don’t like it about myself but I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. But I never vanished for days or held up shooting or quit the picture.” – George C. Scott

There were times when I

“Acting on the stage is a luxury for me. I lose money. I make movies for financial reasons and this allows me the luxury of acting on Broadway. Hollywood, unfortunately, exploits actors for their own reasons, which are usually financial. So we might as well exploit Hollywood as much as it exploits us.” – George C. Scott